My name is Gav…

Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander performing artist 

for over 13 years, currently based in Göteborg , Sweden .

I specialize in cultural workshops across Sweden and abroad, 

offering people all over the world an Interactional Experience in 

a variety of recreational workshops. Let me bring you closer to 

one of the oldest living cultures in the world. 

the Aboriginal people of Australia .  




Click here for a video of Gavin Performing an animal imitation dance with children

(Leiden, RMV, 18 oktober 2005. Australia Exhibition)







Witness a Traditional style performance featuring both, the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander dance theme. Here we will present and explain the difference between the two Indigenous cultures of Australia . Duration of this performance is flexible and the duration of these performances can vary between 20 min to an 1-hour-30 min.

Here we are also explaining of materials used for Traditional dress, instruments, decorative symbols & meanings, with stories of our past expressed through song and dance.

An interactive session is included, where as students & teachers, boys and girls who are bold enough, participate in the performance by learning a play-dance



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Pictures from perfomance at Oude kerk Amsterdam, . 3 september 2005



Pictures from perfomance at Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde

Leiden. 18-19 oktober 2005


Pictures from perfomance at Ayers Rock, Zoetermeer, Holland


see: www.ayersrock.nl

Pictures from  perfomance at Ruigoord Didge Festival, july 2005, Holland





Pictures from  perfomance at Backpackers Return Day, beachclub Skyline 13

Zandvoort, 6 august 2005


fotos: Lucien Lecarme // Dreamweb